lunes, 12 de enero de 2009


Yes, it has been a while since I last wrote a post, I do know that my absence has no excuse, there is always time to write, besides the fact that I actually do enjoy doing it, actually it helps much more than what you could actually believe, cause it bring so much into your brain that help you consolidate your thoughts into ideas, and you ideas into products. However, this is not a post to talk about that kind of things, what I really want to talk about is. Consolidation.

What does it mean and why is it important for us?

To consolidate, is to bring together things.

Con - solidate : Become solid.

It is a pleasure for many of us to pull things apart, hour brain pushes us forward into this analytical task. However, analysis is easy when you consider that synthesis is a much more complicated task. I am a sales man in the body of a software developer, I understand naturally what it means to pull things apart, but the minute I became involved with selling, it is when I really understood and started to love consolidation.

Consolidation is the art of bringing back the things that we did learned or discovered through analysis, to create a bigger thing from its parts. Every wise person is a consolidator, they have learned that it is not only understanding the problem and find a solution, but to create something new out of every problem analyzed. You probably figured out where I am going with this. Yes I am talking about this dark time upon us, where economy seems to be flushing down the toilet. Yes I know there is pessimism on the news, on the web, no one is safe. But the cruel truth is that we are never safe anywhere, there are always going to be variables out of our control level, there are always new challenges coming right our way, and the only thing to do is to stand tall, and rise our view to thoroughly understand the situation. Remember what our ancestors used to say: Fortune favors the bold.

We need, today more than ever to concrete, put together our mind, body and soul, become heroes, inspire, and help each other, and consolidation is key. What I am saying may seem nonsensical, however, it is not. In the place where I am actually working:, I am learning so much, i have the blessing of being lead by to master minds directly. My CEO is a great business man who teaches you how important it is what you do to help the company achieve their goals. My project manager, is a person that you really need to know to get to like him at any extent, super analytical, but he has reached the gap of analysis, he has become a consolidator. To consolidate in the time being means to not only learn what the problem is and solve it, but what to do to turn problems or the possible solutions to those problems in a cornerstone for both, personal and professional development.

Today I invite you to give the best of you in any imaginable situation. These are tough times and we require not to wonder what is someone else doing to change the course of the actions, but what is it that we are doing in order to be an asset to our companies, societies and families.

I truly believe that if we work together with the best of us we will achieve success in every one of our endeavors.

This is my way to say happy new year...

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