lunes, 28 de julio de 2008

Adios, Adios, Msn Spaces


Back in 2006, I created my MSN Spaces cause I saw that MySpace was going straight to hell, with that much garbage being published by so many people, I do understand that we are all trying to make a way to success, but as one of my many behavior directives says. Our freedom ends where others begin. Then I tought it MySpace would not be the best place to be. Nowadays, I am forced to say good bye, my love good bye.

Something has happend to MSN Spaces that just doesn't seem right anymore, so here I am, making my first personal post on BlogSpot.

I do not belieave there is going to be so much activity in this particular blog, given to the fact that I do not plan on posting as much as I do plan on posting on my side projects. Nevertheless, from time to time, I will come here to through some ideas into the web, later they shall return and face me up. They will ask me if I am still the same. At some extent they help me to keep myself real.

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